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Robophysics for Education

Transform how educators and students of all ages learn, work, create, collaborate, and innovate together with RoboPhone OS – A Robophysics STEM Education.

A comprehensive approach is required

According to reports from various countries, there is a shortage of qualified engineers in general across many industries. If the public & private sectors are not proactive, this shortage could lead to significant economic losses, and given the complexity of the issue – a comprehensive approach is required.

Every student deserves the chance
to explore, advance and succeed

Experience the whole range of STEM education: hypothesis, design, software development, execution, data analysis and conclusions.

The students can design and execute projects that combine fields ranging from robotics, physics, software, electrical and mechanical engineering to medicine, environmental studies and more. 

Elementary school

5th-6th grade

Middle school

7th-9th grade

High school

10th-12th grade


The technion

Transform the learning experience​

Transform how educators and students of all ages learn, work, create, collaborate and innovate together with RoboPhone OS – A Robophysics STEM Education.

21st Century methodology

Robophysics Provides a unique approach to a system perception where, in a methodical way, students design the project in a “Top-Down” approach while the implementation is built as a “Bottom-Up” approach.

RoboPhone Operating System

The Robophysics program engages pupils by using experiments in which they use smartphones and our unique web-based platform – RoboPhone – to control the robots that they build.

Students’ learning experience

Robophysics Methodology & RoboPhone OS enables students’ learning experience through troubleshooting and engineering problem solving, in a realistic way, from abstract concepts to hands-on approach.

Student & School success

Anchored in equity and inclusion, building capacity through professional learning and development for all to ensure students develop their social and emotional skills and are successfully prepared for the future.

The fruits of their thinking

Imagine a school where educators are excited to work because they are supported through endless professional development opportunities that they get to choose.

Where students learn skills that will prepare them to be productive and active workers and entrepreneurs in their community.

Ofer Danino Chairman, President, and CTO
“Robophysics provides tools not only to become better engineers, but also better human beings”

Ofer Danino
Founder and President of Robophysics

Ignite the creativity in every student

A school where students are not just taught hard skills – but also their soft skills like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and decision-making. Where every single student has no limits to learning – despite physical barriers or limitations.
There is a solution for everything.

Leadership & policy

Collaboratively envisioning and creating an intentional culture of innovation and learning, with shared goals that engage the community and motivate leaders and educators to lead change.

Teaching & Learning

Helping all students achieve their potential by taking a student-centered approach to explore all aspects of teaching and learning: curriculum, assessment, devices and spaces with a focus on understanding and meeting the needs of all students.

Intelligent Environments

Developing safe and secure onsite and online environments and leveraging data analytics to optimize student outcomes and to create efficient, responsive, sustainable processes and allocation of resources.

Imagination for any Integration

The list of potential applications is endless and limited by the creative imagination of the teacher and of the students.

Learn how connected devices work in sampled applications from students’ projects

Technion Electrical Engineering Faculty
Annual curriculum program
th Grade
To 12th Grade, and University

Get students future-ready

Robophysics developed with the support of Israel Technion Electrical Engineering Faculty.  The program grants participating students up to 26 academic points as part of the “Introduction to Electrical Engineering Project”.

The platform can be implemented starting from 5th-grade elementary school through to middle school, high school, and university studies of science and engineering, as an annual curriculum for a six-year program.

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