5th-6th grade

Primary school Education

Challenging, low-cost, hands-on and most of all – fun.

Develop motivation for science studies

The program encourages natural curiosity by producing an intentional stimulus to satisfy that curiosity through the exploration and creation of insights as a team game.

Inquiry based learning (IBL)

Stimulate natural curiosity

Synergy & Team Game

Develop Social-emotional skills

Learn STEM basics

Empower cognitive tools

Get students future-ready

Robophysics developed with the Israel Technion Electrical Engineering Faculty.  The program grants participating students up to 26 academic points as part of the “Introduction to Electrical Engineering Project”.

The platform can be implemented starting from 5th-grade elementary school through to middle school, high school, and university studies of science and engineering, as an annual curriculum for a six-year program.

Robophysics approach

The Robophysics learning approach enables students to experience the concepts they are learning when abstract concepts are presented through concrete, hands-on approach.

This approach intentionally stimulus the pupils’ natural curiosity when exploring and creating insights.

Creative thinking

Understanding that there is more than one way to reach a solution.

Solving riddles (mostly mathematical) using RoboPhone, the system’s software platform, as a contest between teams


Team Synergy

The teams usually consist of couples comprised of boys and girls, which breaks the stigmatic barrier between them at this important formative stage. It also emphasizes the power of synergy in social-mental activity, both within the team and in the competition between the teams.

Fractions, Equations,
& more...

The riddles emphasize important mathematical subjects such as adding fractions, understanding first-order equations, and more.

All this is done in an experiential and fun way in which students demonstrate creativity in reaching the solution.

RoboPhone OS Technology

RoboPhone is Robophysics’ methodology Operating System.  A revolutionary OS that makes learning interactive and fun.

It requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for young students just starting out up to academic researchers of science and engineering.

Robots come alive before their eyes

Students design and build robots with various industry robotic kits.

A collection of simple commands makes the smartphone a part of the robot, make robots do incredible things, exciting and fun exploring experience – only the imagination can limit.

Successfully prepared for the future

Provides cognitive and social tools, and stimulates their motivation to study science and engineering.

Ensure students develop their social and emotional skills and are successfully prepared for the future.

Infrastructure for excellence

Inquiry based learning (IBL) or hands-on approach has a track-record of 10 years in certain communities in Israel.

This approach yields over 20% STEM graduation per year.

Ofer Danino Chairman, President, and CTO
“Congenital cognition (with which one is born) and human education are 2 sides of the same coin”

Ofer Danino
Founder and President of Robophysics

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