7th-9th grade

Middle school Education

This is the start of the six-year engineering program which leads to matriculation.

Robophysics program meetup - for the first time

This is the start of the six-year engineering program which leads to matriculation. Many students meet the Robophysics program for the first time. The same material covered in Elementary school will also be taught at Middle School. The riddles and challenges are adjusted to the next level of the students.

Work like real scientists and engineers

With Robophysics, students do not study physics by memorizing equations but rather through researching, designing, executing and analyzing real physical projects.

Equip students with tomorrow’s skills

With these tools, the students can build a mathematical model and compare theory with reality.

We believe that this method provides these young minds with a set of skills much needed in the 21st-century.

Lead the way in STEM Education

The program builds infrastructure for excellence while providing cognitive and social tools, as well as creating the motivation to study science and engineering.

Ofer Danino Chairman, President, and CTO
“Robophysics provides tools not only to become better engineers, but also better human beings”

Ofer Danino

Founder and President of Robophysics

Create, program, and run your robot before you know it

During Middle School, as students begin to understand the physical reality that surrounds them, they will be able to start designing small projects which combine mechanical construction and software writing.

The interface between you and Robophysics Education

These studies are an interdisciplinary concept that provides a unique approach to a systemic perception where, in a methodical way, students design the project in a “Top-Down” approach while the implementation is built as a “Bottom-Up” approach.

From beginner to advanced

In this systematic method, students begin by creating a hypothesis (based on professional literature), continue with the production of a systemic sketch, and finally implement basic and complex modules which illustrate the beauty of a process backed by academic research.

Learn with RoboPhone - The Robophysics technology​

Implementation of the program is through the RoboPhone technology platform which is an integration of the educational robot, smartphone and software development platforms.

Master the skills of tomorrow

The RoboPhone allows for a wide range of possible applications with maximum flexibility.

The emphasis in Middle School is to expand the physical intuition that exists naturally in students which helps them understand the laws of physics more easily.

Robots await your commands

Frequently asked questions

Who is the program for?

Robophysics is suitable for pupils starting from Elementary school (5th grade and up), through Middle school and high school all the way up to science and engineering students at prestigious faculties in the academic institutions.

How long is the program planned for?

RoboPhysics is planned a six-year program. Starting from the 7th grade until the 12th. However, shorter programs can be designed and adjusted according to educational requirements.

Do teachers need special training?

Yes. Teachers need to be trained on the RoboPhysics methodology. The RoboPhysics team will train the teachers and provide curriculums, on-site and ongoing support to the teachers involved in the program. Training teachers usually take 30 hours and in many countries אhe studies are recognized as official training.

What is RoboPhone?

RoboPhone is an IoT technology that supports the Robophysics methodology. RoboPhone technology allows input from a wide range of sensors placed on the robot (such as proximity or cameras) or the smartphone (virtual sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and gravity). The student can select which sensors will be used to gather data (according to the designed experiment) the output format (to a file, display on the robot or smartphone) and how the data will be analyzed.

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