10th-12th grade

High school Education

High School is the highlight of Robophysics.

High School Education - The highlight of Robophysics

This pre-academic program is designed for further higher education, particularly in science and technological research in colleges and universities.

Get students future-ready

Robophysics developed with the Israel Technion Electrical Engineering Faculty.  The program grants participating students up to 26 academic points as part of the “Introduction to Electrical Engineering Project”.

The platform can be implemented starting from 5th-grade elementary school through to middle school, high school, and university studies of science and engineering, as an annual curriculum for a six-year program.

Enable innovative education

The program develops systemic thinking skills and intrinsic motivation in a controlled process.

It enables the expression of creativity and the tools acquired in the process, particularly as part of a term paper or final thesis.

A powerful tool for scientific experimentation

The high school program is more focused, intensive, and oriented to higher academic levels. Different subject areas are studied as part of a holistic approach that facilitates deep knowledge, understanding, analysis, implementation, and execution.

You are all setup!

Some of the subjects learned:

Emulation for Newtonian physics
Boolean algebra
Emulation for digital electronics
Microcomputer structure (Memo, Alu, CPU)
Software development principals

Full of challenging possibilities

Sensors (optical, gyroscope, PID, ultra-sonic, Accelerometer, etc):

Sensing systems
Propulsion system
Voice and picture processing
Modulation research (AM/FM)
Deep learning, databases, and big data

Imagination for any integration

The list of potential applications is endless and limited by the creative imagination of the teacher, and of the students.

Learn how connected devices work in sampled applications from students’ projects

Ofer Danino Chairman, President, and CTO
“Evolution is a closed-loop control system that builds an ecosystem, with revolution being a shock function for it”

Ofer Danino

Founder and President of Robophysics

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