RoboPhysics Technology

RoboPhone Distributed OS, IoT-based technology

Innovative developed OS, supporting the Implementation of the Robophysics methodology. 


Experiment wherever you go.

RoboPhone OS

Access in 3 simple steps

Learning Operating System

RoboPhone is a revolutionary Operating System that makes learning interactive and fun.

It requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for young students just starting out up to academic researchers of science and engineering.

Build your skills

Now you can make robots do incredible things with the code you write yourself.

Learn to program connected devices like LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and watch them come alive right before your eyes.

Based on mobile, available & affordable assemblies​

RoboPhone technology allows input from a wide range of sensors placed on the robot (such as proximity, cameras) or the smartphone (virtual sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and gravity).

The student can select which sensors will be used to gather data (according to the designed experiment) the output format (to a file, display on the robot or smartphone) and how the data will be analyzed.


I.o.T-based technology to experiment wherever you go

RoboPhone Cloud

Cloud platform for stronger processing and sharing capabilities.

RoboPhone Robotic kit

Educational robot for building the mechanical part of the project

RoboPhone Desktop

A software development platform, adjusted to the different levels of the students.

RoboPhone App

Smartphone & RoboPhone App

Work seamlessly together

An IoT professional data collection system, handling data quality, information processing, wireless comm, local storage and cloud.

Operated by the RoboPhone application the smartphone turns to an integral part of the robot and acts as a controller and a multi-sensor device.

*A simple block in RoboPhone that allows us to make full connectivity

Write into different variables on the database

RoboPhone App allows making a full connection between the *EV3 brick and the real-time database created in Firebase.
Therefore, we can write into different variables on the database, and read them in order to make the wanted correlation between the brick and the simulation.


The Modular Software

LabVIEW is part of the RoboPhone topology that offers a graphical programming approach that helps you visualize every aspect of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data and debugging.

*Example of a program written in LabVIEW

The process

As simple as it can be

Download your code to the Robot

Use RoboPhone app to connect through Wifi

Quad Copter – Take Off!

Apply code & Operate with Sensors

See examples of student &
School success transformation
from those that have done it

Robots await your commands

A collection of new work commands and a sophisticated real and virtual sensors from camera to speech recognition makes the smartphone as part of the robot, exciting and fun exploring experience – only the imagination can limit.

Ofer Danino Chairman, President, and CTO
“Robophysics provides tools not only to become better engineers, but also better human beings”

Ofer Danino
Founder and President of Robophysics